What is Smith Lake Concierge?

Smith Lake Concierge developed as a business in an effort to provide the hassle-free relaxation experience the owners themselves sought when they purchased their Lewis Smith Lake property in 2002. For years, it seemed that weekend getaways designed to reduce stress inevitably ended up the opposite. A leaky roof, boat problems, a broken air conditioner, etc. always seemed to be waiting for them following a draining work week.

They quickly learned that finding reliable help was difficult on Lewis Smith Lake. Therefore, they decided to build their own collection of employees and contractors for home, dock, and yard maintenance. The result, several years later, is a curated concierge service for your every need. Our mission is to provide you with a superior, one-stop resource to make your time on the lake worry-free and completely enjoyable.

a wakeboarder enjoying Lewis Smith LakeWhat services do you offer?

Smith Lake Concierge offers a wide range of lake services, from land and home maintenance and design, to full-service dock and shoreline assistance. Our skilled professionals can assist you with lawn maintenance, landscaping design, dock maintenance, decking, flotation, boat detailing, interior decorating, household cleaning, pressure washing, maintenance, and even video and audio system installation or catering! We are a full-service concierge service that promises to return your call within five minutes to see how we can immediately help you.

How does the concierge process work?

When you have a problem, all you need to do is make one quick phone call to us and we’ll take it from there. When you contact our skilled and personable staff, simply describe the issue you’re having, then sit back and relax while we do the rest. We’ll send someone out right away to resolve your problem so you can get back to basking in the sun, cruising on your boat or whatever it is you enjoy doing on Lewis Smith Lake.

How do I know I’m getting reliable service?

Smith Lake Concierge partners only with the best in the business. When you call us, you can rest assured you will be handled with professionalism and efficiency every step of the way. Our clients deserve the best service possible, so we’ll do all the work when it comes to fixing your problem so you can focus on relaxing.

Why should I choose Smith Lake Concierge?

Smith Lake Concierge was founded by people just like you — lake-goers trying to enjoy their weekend without the hassle of finding a maintenance crew to do the work. We are a first-class, professional and personable company and our reputation is based on the relationships we have built with our clients over the years. We have a combined 40 years of experience solving the very problems you encounter every time you try to take a day off, and we’re here to assume your burden so you can enjoy your stay.

No matter the issue, no matter the time of day or night, Smith Lake Concierge is at your service. Call us at (800) 814-3956 to speak with our friendly associates who will get you taken care of right away so you can enjoy your time on Lewis Smith Lake.