Lewis Smith Lake is a man-made lake located in northwestern Alabama and occupying parts of Cullman, Walker, and Winston counties. It was created in 1961 by the Alabama Power Company as a result of the construction of the Lewis Smith Dam in order to produce hydroelectric power for the surrounding areas.

Solving Problems & Creating a Lake Haven

The dam and lake were intended to improve river traffic conditions on the Sipsey fork of the Black Warrior River. The Black Warrior River had been an important commercial waterway, but was stunted by uneven and unpredictable water levels north of Tuscaloosa. The budding and prolific coal industry needed reliable transportation in order to maximize efficiency and profits. Thus, the Lewis Smith Dam was constructed and a beautiful lake created as both a functional need and recreational haven. The lake and dam draw their name from the then-president of the Alabama Power Company, Lewis M. Smith.

Lewis Smith Lake Today

These days, Lewis Smith Lake is regarded as a beautiful and idyllic oasis in northern Alabama. After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the region in 2005, many more visitors have flocked to Lewis Smith Lake in an effort to vacation away from the damaged coast. Homeowners and tourists alike enjoy all kinds of lakefront activities, including fishing, boating, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and inter-tubing.

Smith Lake Concierge on Lewis Smith Lake

Property owners Jeff and Doris Sewell formed Smith Lake Concierge to address all of the home, dock, land, shoreline, and entertainment service needs of fellow Lewis Smith Lake homeowners. After years of having weekends ruined by unexpected repairs and maintenance needs, they decided to move to their lake house full-time and build a service-based business to address all of these areas once and for all. These days they have everything covered and offer 24/7 responses year-round.