Dock Services on Lewis Smith Lake

a dock on Lewis Smith LakeMaintaining your dock year-round, through all seasons, and in changing water levels is vitally important to ensuring it lasts and you don’t return for a relaxing stay only to encounter major problems. At Smith Lake Concierge, we will handle every aspect of your dock maintenance, whether you are present or away. Our services range the full gambit; from initial design and construction to long-term maintenance tasks such as cable adjustments to weatherproofing.

Our dock services include:

  • New dock construction
  • Existing dock maintenance, including:
    • Pressure washing
    • Painting
    • Flotation
    • Decking
    • Ladder installation & repair
    • Seasonal adjustments
    • Emergency response
  • Boat detailing
  • Boating operation & safety instruction

We are at your service for all of your dock and boat needs on Lewis Smith Lake. Call us anytime and we’ll send someone out right away to take care of your issue, worry-free.